About Us

Broker – Mike King
Pacific Commercial Brokers is one of the premier real estate agencies. We specialize in working with first time home investors and portfolio investors. We also have a background in commercial financing and use this knowledge to help our clients understand the financing aspect of purchasing a property. We approach your investment with your needs in mind and specialize in ensuring that our transactions meet our client’s goals, are profitable and are the best value. We work with you to help define what you are looking to accomplish in your purchase or sale. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

Our Philosophy:

We help our clients seize the extraordinary opportunities which exist in real estate. We educate our clients about the home buying process and the real estate markets. We are experienced professionals with the goal of building personal wealth for our clients and finding the property that meets your goals.

Our Mission:

We help our clients make sound financial decisions resulting in gains for our clients through the precision of their real estate investments. We prioritize every step of the transaction to ensure a streamlined process and profitable execution. We are able to provide the most cost-conscious customer service, by combining the strengths of our financial investment strategies and our professional knowledge of the local market. In order to reach our goals,  we supply our clients with the most complete information and highest quality of service.

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